A medial meniscus tear is an injury to the meniscus (cartilage tissue) that is located on the inside (inner aspect) of the knee. Injuries to the medial meniscus are more common than lateral meniscus injuries and may result in pain, stiffness, swelling, locking, catching, or buckling. Medial meniscus tears may occur in combination with injuries to other structures of the knee, such as an ACL or MCL injury. The medical meniscus can also be injured along with the lateral meniscus. Medial meniscus tears occur traumatically due to excessive twisting forces and weight bearing pressure. Sports such as football, soccer, and snow skiing are examples of activities where a sudden change in direction can tear a meniscus, but the tear can also happen during normal daily activities like getting up from a chair. Medial meniscal tears frequently take place when the foot is fixed on the ground and a twisting force is applied to the knee or following a forceful jump or landing. Meniscus tears may also result from a simple twist, or repeated squatting over the years.