All-Inside ACL GraftLink Technique

Dr. Lubowitz demonstrates an ACL surgery using an all-inside ACL graftlink technique. As a leading researcher in the field of knee arthroscopy Dr. Lubowitz has found that the all-inside ACL graftlink technique shows statistically significant less pain then the full tibial tunnel technique.

All-Inside ACL GraftLink Preparation

Dr. Lubowitz demonstrates the steps to prepare an ACL graftlink. Although meticulous, this process is very reproducible. Proper preparation is crucial to the success of of an all-inside ACL graftlink reconstruction.

Minimally Invasive Posterior Hamstring Harvest

James Lubowitz, MD shows a minimally invasive posterior hamstring harvest for an ACL reconstruction.Due to the lower risk of arthritis, and equal outcomes, the use of a hamstring graft is very common today.