Ski Injury and Snowboard Injury Consultant

As a board certified, fellowship trained orthopaedic sports medicine consultant and orthopaedic sports medicine fellowship founding director, emeritus, James H Lubowitz, MD is recognized for his clinical and scholarly expertise in the field.

Dr. Lubowitz has unique expertise as a ski injury consultant. He has served as a member of the Medical Staff for the US Ski & Snowboard Team for more than 20 years and contributed to the care of high performance alpine athletes. Dr. Lubowitz has participated in Medical Clinics and Conferences presented by the US Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) and keeps up to date by attending the USSA Medical Emergencies in Skiing and Snowboarding (MESS) course on a regular basis, which includes presentation of concepts for evaluation of traumatic emergencies in elite level ski and snowboard competitions, event medical support systems for World Cup Events in skiing and snowboarding at international venues, and management of common medical conditions of the elite ski and snowboard athlete. Outdoor practical training scenarios are also taught at Beaver Creek Ski Resort to review the skills taught in the classroom. Advanced skiing and/or snowboarding skills are required for on hill scenarios. The MESS Course is presented by USSA Sports Medicine in conjunction with Vail Valley Medical Center, Vail Valley Resorts, and Eagle County Paramedic Services. Dr. Lubowitz has also served as an orthopaedic consultant to the Taos Ski Patrol and Red River Ski Patrol and Angel Fire Resort Ski Patrol for more than 20 years, and has worked closely with ski patrollers and ski instructors.

Ski Injury and Snow Board Injury Expert Witness

Dr. Lubowitz has comprehensive experience as a ski injury expert witness and snowboard injury expert witness.  He has testified extensively as both an expert and as a treating physician. Dr. Lubowitz bases his opinions on a combination of personal and academic expertise. Past experience and cases include issues related to ski equipment, ski industry signage, snow conditions, ski lifts, snow safety, and issues related to snowmobiles and to bindings.   His forensic expert reporting and expert testimony is noted for an ability to clearly communicate complex medical and biomedical and biomechanical concepts in comprehensible terms and with an empathetic and human aspect. He has specific case experience regarding biomechanics and biomedical implications of orthopaedic sports medicine injuries in skiers and snowboarders, and participants in ultra and extreme sports, as well as issues related to alpine occupations and occupational injuries.

Dr. Lubowitz has interest and case expertise in ski area accidents and operations and safety and ski and mountain resort accident investigation and risk management. Dr. Lubowitz has testified in cases regarding the head and neck, and the spine and extremities, foot and ankle injuries, tibia and fibula fractures and compartment syndromes, knee ligament injury and tibial plateau fracture, thigh injury, contusion and laceration, nerve injury, hip fracture and dislocation, pelvic injury and fracture, shoulder dislocation, instability, rotator cuff tear and humerus fracture, elbow and forearm and wrist and hand injury. Dr. Lubowitz is frequently called as a ski injury defense expert witness and has lectured to the Association of Ski Defense Attorneys annual winter sports conference, providing education regarding the legal requirements unique to the sports of skiing and boarding.

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