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The patella, also referred to as the kneecap, is one of three bones that make up the knee joint. Along with the tibia (leg bone) and femur (thigh bone), the patella plays a key role in the function of the knee. All three of these bones are covered with a layer of smooth cartilage, while tendons connect muscles to bones, and ligaments hold the bones together (connect bone to bone). When the kneecap, specifically, becomes injured the knee is at great risk for losing its function. This is because the patella is responsible for about 30% of the strength provided to the knee (climbing stairs or straightening the leg). A number of conditions can affect the kneecap at anytime—some due to trauma, others due to excessive overuse. Dr. Lubowitz is an expert in diagnosing and treating conditions of the patella and offers advanced surgical techniques to offer patients the most optimal outcome for their patellar injuries.

Patellar Fractures

A patella fracture is an injury that involves a [...]

Patellar Fractures
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