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With a primary focus on safety and quality, James H. Lubowitz, MD brings an equitable, unbiased, and balanced point-of-view to complicated analyses. He is internationally recognized as an educator, published research author, and consultant for:

  • sports injury prevention
  • sports industry risk prevention
  • ski industry risk prevention
  • sports industry risk management
  • ski injury risk management.

Recognized as an experienced consultant in orthopaedic surgery, sports medicine, arthroscopy, sports injury, and ski injury, Dr. Lubowitz has served as an expert witness for ski areas and ski resorts in the Eastern and Western United States and Canada. He has expertise in ski resort and ski area operations and safety, ski and mountain resort accident investigation, ski patrol operations and practices, hazard identification and mitigation, and skier behavior, education and responsibilities.

With more than twenty years experience, Dr. Lubowitz is specifically a desired consultant for:

  • ski injury expert witness
  • ski resort defense expert witness
  • sports injury expert witness
  • orthopaedic surgery expert witness
  • orthopaedic malpractice defense expert witness
  • arthroscopic surgery expert witness
  • arthroscopic malpractice defense expert

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